Family Dentist Reviews: Great Dentists

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Family Dentist Reviews: Great Dentists

When most people think about preventative care for their teeth, they think about brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing just as frequently. Many people imagine that this is sufficient for keeping your teeth and gums in the best health. Unfortunately, this is just not the case. There are a lot of other preventative periodontal measures that you should take in order to make sure that your teeth are in the best possible shape. After all, we rely on our teeth for quite a bit. From chewing to expressing emotion to other more functional things, we need our teeth in good health in order to live our lives in the way that we are currently accustomed. Without good oral and dental health, this just will not be the option that we want it to be. That’s why the periodontists and dental health experts here have worked so hard to make your dental and oral health a priority, both when you visit our office in addition to when you go home and begin handling your own dental care. For more information click here
Perhaps the most important part of dental health that folks often forget to pay attention to is the close monitoring of their gums. If you do not take good care of your gums, you are definitely at risk for gum disease and other diseases of the mouth. We often forget that in order to protect against the many diseases that seek to assault our mouths, we must always be looking out for the best way to do more for our teeth. We do this really well by helping you not only get the consistent teeth cleaning you need, but also by helping you identify possible problem areas. One thing that you should do to ensure that your teeth in are good health is to consistently screen for oral cancer, especially if there is a history of oral cancer in your family. Indeed, this is an important part of a dental visit for any patient. There have been so many advances in periodontal technology that it can be easy to see markers of a potential issue much earlier than ever before. This is the kind of promising treatment that people with oral cancer can hope for as it will allow treatment before the problems are irreversible.

Oral cancer screenings are easy to perform and can save you a lot of issues in the long term. By using a device that employs ultraviolet light, periodontists are able to see abnormalities that would not usually be able to be seen under normal conditions. Additionally, your overall health has a big role to play in your periodontal health, and talking with your periodontist about the health and lifestyle conditions that could impact your risk of oral cancer can also help you avoid oral cancer. The most important thing to remember is that undergoing frequent screenings in order to detect any possible problems early on will lead to a higher likelihood of stopping issues in their tracks.

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Understanding the Importance of Tree Pruning

Understanding the Importance of Tree Pruning

The value of a tree extends far beyond its aesthetic appeal. A tree contributes to its environment in many ways, providing shade, improving air quality, and serving as a habitat for wildlife. But just like any living organism, trees require attention and care to stay healthy and safe. At Mortensen Tree Service, Inc., one of the vital services we offer to help maintain and enhance your trees is pruning.

Tree Trimming in Littleton CO involves the careful removal of certain parts of a tree, such as branches, buds, or roots. But it’s not just about cutting things away. Done correctly, pruning can help protect a tree from disease and pests, promote growth, and even prolong its life. As a team of certified arborists, we’re skilled in understanding when and how to prune to achieve these outcomes.

Regular tree pruning is crucial for several reasons. The first one is tree health. Overcrowded branches can hinder sunlight and air circulation, which can lead to disease or pest infestation. By removing dead or diseased limbs, we’re not only preventing potential spread but also reducing the weight, which helps prevent breakage.

Safety is another crucial factor. Overgrown or weak branches can pose a significant risk, especially during storms or high winds when they can break and fall, causing property damage or personal injury. With our pruning service, we help ensure that your trees are not a hazard to your family or property.

Lastly, well-pruned trees can greatly enhance your property’s aesthetics. A tree that is cared for and pruned regularly can be shaped for symmetry, promoting a more robust and healthier appearance. But remember, pruning isn’t a job for an untrained individual. Incorrect pruning can lead to tree stress and increase susceptibility to diseases or pests.

At Mortensen Tree Service, Inc., we bring our in-depth understanding of tree biology to every pruning task. Our trained arborists can assess a tree’s condition and apply the correct pruning techniques, considering the right timing and extent of pruning based on the tree’s age, species, and health. Serving Centennial, Littleton, Greenwood Village, Highlands Ranch, and more, we’re committed to offering professional and experienced tree services.

Remember, maintaining your trees’ health through regular pruning is an investment in their future. Our team is ready to provide the expertise and care your trees need. With Mortensen Tree Service, Inc., you’re not just getting a service; you’re getting partners in promoting and enhancing the natural beauty of your property. Visit us today at:

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Orthodontic Treatment – Invisalign And Herbst Appliance


Invisalign is a new technology that we offer on selected cases. The Invisalign technology uses a series of clear vacuum molded “aligners” which gradually shift your teeth into the correct positions. Invisalign is usually reserved for our adult or mature teenage patients, While not for everyone, Invisalign may fit your needs. cleat braces - Invisalign

Herbst Appliance
The Herbst appliance is used to correct the front-to-back relationship of the upper and lower jaws, often referred to as Class II problems. The rod and tube that is affectionately called “the shock absorber” actually connects the upper and lower jaws. This really does not interfere with opening and closing your mouth or with eating. You might find side to side movement is somewhat restricted. More here

Things You Will Need To Get Used To
1. The bottom screws will irritate the lip. Your lip will toughen up like a callous, but it will take a few days for it to happen. You can put Orabase on the inside of the lip and cheek where it is sore. You can also place orthodontic wax over the screws to make it smoother. On rare occasions, it may be necessary for us to give you cotton rolls. These cotton rolls are placed inside your cheek to keep your lip and cheek away from the screw while you are sleeping.

2. When the lower jaw is brought forward, the back teeth do not come together as they did prior to the placement of the appliance, so be patient. Those teeth will come together so that you can chew normally in about a week.

3. Most of the time, there is no tenderness in the teeth when the Herbst appliance is placed. Every once in a while, a patient may feel some tenderness which is normally short-lived. It will disappear in a few days.

Possible But Not Probable Problems

1. If you open very wide, sometimes the rods and tubes can pop apart. If they do, just open wide and put the rods and tubes back together. If you cannot get them together, you can leave them apart and call for an appointment to put them back together again. If, when the rods and tubes are apart, you are not in pain, they can wait to be put back together until the next day or over the weekend because the muscles will hold the jaw in position. If they are causing pain, call the office and we will put them back together as soon as possible. If you are having a problem with the rods and tubes disengaging quite often, then please call the office and we will make the rods and tubes longer so they will not come apart as easily. We don’t like to do that unless it is necessary because we don’t want to move your jaw too far or too fast because it grows better if we move it gradually.

2. Occasionally, a screw may come loose. If this happens, you will have a rod or tube dangling in your mouth. If this is causing pain, then call our office and we will replace the rod and tube as soon as possible. If it is not causing pain, it can wait until the next day or over the weekend.

3. Infrequently, the Herbst can come loose or break; there is nothing indestructible we can put in your mouth. If you have a problem with something breaking or becoming loose, please contact our office. If it is not causing you pain and you can function, you can wait until the next day or over the weekend. However, if you cannot function normally or there is pain, please contact the office and we will correct the problem as quickly as possible.

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