Key Points To Remember About Radio Advertising

The radio has become the new visual, with internet radio leading the way into a new era of audio advertising. Studies say that on an average day, the radio reaches more than 94% of all Americans, which is more than 228 million people. At least 75% of all adults listen to the radio on the way to work and 25% continue to listen to the radio at work. So, whatever station you advertise on and what demographic you intend to reach, there is a very good chance that radio advertising will help you achieve that. Running a radio advertising campaign will still take careful planning but with the right choices, you can successfully boost your sales in no time.

Every campaign should begin with a clear cut vision of the audience you intend to reach. Your ideal demographic target report should include gender and age preferences as well as income bracket and physical location for more targeted reach. Using this information, you can approach a variety of radio stations and if their listener demographics match with yours, you can negotiate a slot for your ad. Many stations will also guide businesses on how to present their ads. Professional voiceover artists, sound mixing and radio script writers can help polish your product description to better suit listeners.

Because radio ads are so short, it is important to keep all facts as clear and concise as possible. Since the a will be played numerous times over the day or during specific times of the day, it should be catchy without being annoying, original and promote the brand in the best light possible without leaving out significant details. Great radio ads use humor and the right sound effects to grab attention. It is important to keep your audience entertained during the brief 10-20 seconds that your ad is aired. Host promotional giveaways on the station to keep your audience engaged.

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