The Basics Of Advertising On Air

Radio advertising offers the best bang for your buck when it comes to spreading word about your business to a wide and varied audience. Most people forget that the radio was primarily used to convey information over a widely distribute population; these days, everyone thinks that visual and digital channels are the only way to propagate any sort of product. Though definitely more traditional, advertising on a medium like the radio can be an extremely effective marketing strategy and the investment is definitely less than today’s more conventional channels of communication. Recent studies say that throwing the radio into our marketing mix can help reach up to 93% of the adult population on any given working day.

Radio ads reach people when other mediums cannot. Since it does not require its audience to stop what they are doing, the ads can communicate with its audience while they are driving, working or even sitting in a waiting room. The range of exposure of the radio, especially when used in conjunction with other media outlets, reinforces the brand in the minds of your customers, both present and future. It is scientifically proven that information that is passed through sound is retained the most. Using a catchy call for action jig at the end of the ad can also make it more memorable without having the audience write anything down to remember the information.

Another advantage of using audio ads, apart from the fact that they cost significantly less than both newspaper and TV ads, is that they can be created and aired quicker than other mediums. This means that changing a product specification or promoting special offers is easier. The best time slot for advertising your product depends on the audience you intend to reach and the amount of money you wish to spend on acquiring the slot for a certain amount of time, so choose wisely and watch your brand prosper.

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