How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Radio Ad

You have successfully chosen a campaign objective, a target demographic and you have also created a radio commercial and aired it during set slots during the day. Customers are coming in to buy your products or partake in your services. But now, another problem arises. How will you know if your investment is beginning to pay off? Of course, the normal indication is a sudden surge in your customers, but how can you find out that they are here because they listened to your radio commercial and not because of some other media advertisement that you may have also invested in? Here are a few ways to make sure your radio advertising is garnering interest and bringing in the crowds.

One of the ways to measure the success of your radio ad is to create a metric consistent with that of the marketing objective. This type of success measurement takes two steps to figure out. This is one by measuring sales before the ad and after the ad, provided that the commercial on the radio is the only advertisement being done. The next method is to measure sales against an industry standard or benchmark. Such information is available in almost all industries both online and through government and private trade centres. This will give you a rough idea on how much profit you should be reaping for the amount you spend on advertising and many trade magazine and brochures provide additional information on how to boost sales through whatever advertising medium you choose to use.

The final method is considerably more hands-on and works best for services. Try asking customers directly on how they heard about the product through a multiple choice survey. This also works well when you are advertising for a specific aspect of your company and want to know that it is getting its exposure through your radio advertisement by including certain keywords in your survey. To sweeten the deal, certain discounts or bonuses can be availed.

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