Tips From The Best Radio Ads Of 2015

The growing popularity of the radio has made it another venue for advertisement. The tricky part of advertising on air is creating a conducive atmosphere with the listener, who could be engaged in another task while listening to the radio, which draws them into the audio-only description of the product.

There were several noteworthy ads in 2015, oozing ingenuity in their method of audience engagement. One of them was the use of simple yet effective humor. This included the usage of SFX sounds, like those of singing cats, and a witty yet uncomplicated storyline. The use of product appropriate voiceovers is one of the most important aspects of a radio ad. The rasping voice of an old man selling adult diapers and those of a young, sensual woman for a perfume ad are equally effective examples.

The line-up also stressed how no one questioned numbers, even if some seem slightly absurd. Not only do they inspire awe but they also provide credibility to an otherwise uninteresting spiel. Fin the right balance of information and entertainment, tweak the formula until it is perfect. There is always room for improvement later, although there is always a chance of nailing the perfect radio commercial the first time round with the proper research and execution.

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